Erfahrung Know How


With an MSc in Earth Sciences and a PhD in Natural Sciences I worked for over ten years as exploration geologist for Shell Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij in Peru, Australia, the Netherlands and Nigeria. Significant gas finds were a great experience, but my greatest personal gain was to achieve theses successes  in motivated teams of open minded professionals. 

Open minds were the main ingredient to develop the Deep Heat Mining project in Basel. Without such an approach of the shareholder and facilitators in those days, we would have never been able to probe the limits of geothermal technology and would have never reached the new frontiers which are still the base for ongoing research in that field.

In my own company Häring GeoProject we further expanded this know-how for the great future of geothermal energy in deep as well as shallow applications. Ground breaking findings - among others  - how to create induced seismicity  and how to monitor and mitigate such hazards, allowed me to build up a global network with leading scientists and professionals. My contacts and work expanded way beyond my original expertise in resources exploration into the field of mineral rights and royalties, as well as mutual and environmental impact assessments. I foster this global network with leading multinational companies and leading technical universities in order to keep an open eye for developments in the world beyond our daily perception.

Fifteen years after founding Geo Explorers Ltd, I'm pleased that I could hand it over to a younger generation that keeps the spirit of open minds. I can now dedicate myself to tasks which I deem important for a sustainable energy future of an ever growing and demanding human society. My priorities are a respectful, safe, sustainable and economic use of natural resources.

Open Minds will be needed for a sustainable energy future. With my first hand experience, professional know-how and wide expert network I can provide highest level consulting services for energy strategies.

 Professional affiliations

AAPG: American Association of Petroleum Engineers 

SASEG: Swiss Association of Energy Geoscientists Swiss geothermal association

IGA: International Geothermal Association


Häring GeoProject, Schwieriweg 16, CH-4410 Liestal, Switzerland. Founded 1995